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We Build for People

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Thedford Construction

Thedford Construction is a highly specialized contractor that installs underground powerlines for two different power companies in East Texas, Oncor & Cherokee County Co-op.  We also work for commercial companies and individuals that own their power facilities.  We offer services that range from 14400 volts to power that comes into your business or home. 

Power flows overhead on poles with a bare conductor.  It is then converted to underground wire and run down the pole.   The underground wire can then be run through fields or subdivisions or to commercial applications, whichever is required.  

Digging with excavators, backhoes, trenches, boring machines, and shovels is the most common way to achieve completion of the jobs.  While we mainly work in East Texas,  travel, at times, is required to do what we do.  Services to homes fail due to age or other factors.  We can locate problems and repair them.  We offer on-call crews 24/7/365.

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After twenty-three years of experience with Texas Power and Light, Joel and Wilma Thedford formed Thedford Construction, Inc. in 1977.  Mr. Thedford retired in 1995 and Mrs. Thedford is currently presiding as President of the company today.  Thedford Construction is an electrical construction company built on the firm foundation of providing excellent customer service.  We are constantly expanding our services to meet the needs of our customers throughout the East Texas area.

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Our experienced staff includes construction supervision personnel and support staff with over 60 full-time employees.

With decades of experience, Thedford Construction can assist your project in many ways.

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